When to use Hemi-Sync and for how long?

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Does Hemi-Sync produce long-term effects?

Does Hemi-Sync produce long-term effects?

Does Hemi Sync make a permanent difference?

For example, I have some Hemi-Sync CDs to help with concentration, etc. Should I just use them when I am needing to concentrate on a task, or do these improve concentration permanently?

If so, is there any recommendation as to how many hours per day to get maximum benefit?

Hope this makes sense, look forward to your reply.


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Mar 14, 2016
Hemi-Sync helps permamently
by: Judith

Dear visitor,

When you use concentration recordings like ILLUMINATION or REMEMBRANCE for example it is enough to listen to it once a day to prolong the ability to concentrate.

Each person is different. Therefore the effects are different, too. Best is to experiment with the Hemi-Sync CDs for best effect.

I would say that listening to a whole concentration CD once a day, preferably in the morning is enough. Think of it like a cup of coffee. Some people cannot sleep if they have too much. And others have a cup of coffee just before bed and sleep soundly all the way through.

I hope this helps... ;)


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