What is Consciousness?

Inspired by A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

What is Consciousness? Consciousness is a form of awareness. Only through our very subjective experience of consciousness and its different levels are we able to understand it.

Many gifted thinkers from all ages and continents have contributed to our today’s grasp of consciousness. Everybody knows that our mind is split into the three levels of the super-conscious, conscious and subconscious mind.

consciousness levels

We are consciously aware who we are in terms of our existence as humans, what surrounds us, of our past and present and what we want to experience in the future. We can each produce a long list of words which define who each one of us is.

Shifting our consciousness from one thing that catches our attention to another at will is child's play. We have learned how to dip into our subconscious, undo some fears and reprogram it.

We can expand our conscious perception and most important of all we can train our mind to focus our attention on true Happiness and Joy.

The first step is to understand:

What is consciousness? What is the mind? And, how does it work?

Brain Wave Entrainment

Scientific investigation observed that our brain emits different wave patterns or frequencies when we enter different states of consciousness.

Through the dedicated work of such consciousness explorers like Robert Monroe, we know now how to influence our brainwaves and how to balance the special functions of our two brain hemispheres. The Hemi-Sync technology, for example, is a great aid for programming the mind and a very powerful tool for achieving brain wave entrainment.

But, the most powerful mind training course is A Course in Miracles, short ACIM. It teaches us how to recognize and activate the power of the mind.

ACIM's explanation of the conscious, the sub- and the super-conscious mind, spread across many different chapters of the Urtext version, is an important detail for understanding the whole concept of the human mind. 

This illustration summarizes the ACIM explanation of
“What is Consciousness?”

What is Consciousness

According to ACIM explanation of what is consciousness, “the individual mind of a human is split into spirit and ego. The Spirit is still in contact with God through the Holy Spirit.”

In other words the Self which is the opposite of the ego is connected through the Higher Self to the Divine Reality. The Self or Spirit knows. The super-conscious is the Divine Mind, the Higher Self, the One forever connected to Knowledge and Truth or the Holy Spirit.

The course goes on to say, when the mind willed to perceive instead of to know, it made the ego as the perceiver of separation and the body as an instrument to perceive what the ego wished to see. The ego is the result of the will to be separate.  

The level of consciousness became the realm of perception and the domain of the ego.

In a sense, the ego was a man-made attempt to perceive himself as he wished, rather than as he IS……The interpretive function of perception, (actually, a distorted form of creation), then permitted man to interpret the body as HIMSELF, which, although depressing, was a way out of the conflict he induced.” – ACIM Urtext, pages 83 and 85.

The level of the subconscious and unconscious mind was made below consciousness. Its contents of fear were safely tucked away from the immediate awareness of the conscious mind. It was one of Sigmund Freund’s accomplishments to grasp the nature of the sub- and unconscious mind.

The subconscious is split into the levels of fear and levels of love. The level of fear is closest to the conscious level of the mind. The level of Love is called the miracle level in ACIM, and it is where the miracle impulses emerge. The miracle level is the Higher Self’s or Holy Spirit’s answer to the ego’s level of fear and is located BELOW the level of fear.

According to ACIM, the conscious – wakeful mind emits no impulses of itself, it only receives impulses from either ABOVE, where the super-conscious mind is or from BELOW the realm of the sub- or unconscious mind.

If it recognizes the impulses from above of the super-conscious, it has a revelation, a moment of knowing. The person enters into communion with her Creator or God.

When consciousness receives an impulse from below it is either from the level of fear or the miracle level. If the person allows the miracles or love impulses to enter his awareness, she enters into a union with another person or spirit. 

The art of living a happy and fulfilled life is to deny the fear impulses, recognize the miracle impulses and follow them. This will open up the channels to receive the impulses from the super-consious.

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