Spirit Guide Workshop - May & June 2013 in England

by Nick Barrett
(United Kingdom)

Spirit Driven Lucid Dreaming

Spirit Driven Lucid Dreaming

Meet Your Spirit Guide through Dream & Wake - Intensive weekend retreat!

Want to meet your Spirit Guide through your dream and waking reality?

I'm holding a two day retreat (with full board lodging included) in the beautiful countryside of Southern England where we'll delve deep into the sacred bonds between ourselves and our higher-selves.

Meditational exercises, group discussions, connecting to our Guides through nature and raising the 'Spirit Frequency'- if any of these sounds fun to you- then please come along! (Don't forget to bring your Spirit Guides with you!)

All bookings must be confirmed through the Meetup group which can be found on the main site:


There are two dates currently running at two venues:

May 10th-12th
June 14th-16th

For any questions be sure to email me direct: alwayzlucid@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!

-Nick Barrett-

(overseas payment options available)

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