Biography of Robert Monroe
Part II (1946 -1970)

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By age 40 Robert Monroe becomes a millionaire, marries for the third time and has his first children. A sudden Out of Body Experience at age 43, the first of many, changes his life slowly but surely.

Bob writes a new show called “High Adventure” which he produces himself and offers for free for a month to Mutual Broadcasting.

They accept the offer and the show becomes a success. It broadcasts once a week for 7 years. Bob also writes, directs and produces successful quiz shows like “Take a Number”, “Meet Your Match” and “Name That Tune”.

Bob Monroe becomes an expert in sound technology and learns how to use new techniques in the production of sound.

Bob and Frances relationship comes to an end as they have lived apart. Soon they devorce.

He reencounters the young actress Mary Ashworth, who now has a two year old daughter Maria. They fall in love all over again and soon after they marry. A little later Monroe adopts the little girl Maria as his own.

Robert Monroe needs a new direction

Bob resigns from a RKO a millionaire and buys 2 radio stations.

Now he has some time to try other projects.

One which catches his attention is learning during sleep. Bob records tapes with exercises for learning multiplication tables and foreign languages by listening to them during sleep.

He experiments around a lot and tests the tapes on himself. Later he even creates a laboratory on his estate. In an isolated booth he places a water bed and a stereo system with headphones.

There are 11 volunteers, mostly friends and family - one of them his daughter Laurie Monroe, who are willing to try out the tapes during the night. Laurie later says that these tapes have influenced her brain: She develops a flair for languages and maths.

Robert Monroe has his First Out Of Body experience. It all begins with some strange vibrations. Some say it may have been triggered by the tapes Bob had been listening to.

The Monroes move to Richmond. Bob hears about cable television and the possibility to buy into its profitable franchise. He is interested and looks for a town of the right size where he could afford to invest in with Cable TV.

Monroe sells his radio stations and invests in a Cable TV franchise, called Jefferson Cable Corporation. The family moves to Charlottesville Virginia.

Robert and Mary divorce. Bob’s growing interest in the exploration of altered states of consciousness Mary cannot share with him.

Bob resigns from Cable TV now seriously wealthy and invests into two apartment blocks in Charlottesville. He wants to have more time for his explorations into altered states.

He re-encounters Nancy Penn Honeycutt. Her and her large family were family friends of Robert and Mary Monroe in Richmond. Nancy has separated from her husband whom she has 4 children with. She has also moved to Charlottesville.

Bob and Nancy resume their friendship as she helps him with the management of his apartment blocks. They realize that they share the same interests especially the interest in the paranormal. Eventually they fall in love.

In the meantime Bob is putting together the notes of his frequent out of body experiences collected over a decade. He thinks it is time to share these experiences with the world and writes his first book Journeys Out Of The Body.

Robert Monroe's life was a long and eventful one. To read Parts I and III of his biography click on one of the links:

Part I: Childhood and Youth (1915-1945)

Part III: A New Life at 55 (1971 -1995)

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