The Robert Monroe Institute 's 
Gateway Affirmation

At the Robert Monroe Institute every exercise begins with an affirmation stating the intent. It is called the Gateway Affirmation.

It is a very important tool for reaching the necessary frame of mind when embarking on the exploration of our consciousness.

It sets up our intent on what we would like to experience during a Hemi Sync exercise.

When you participate at a Monroe Institute course or workshop, you are introduced to this affirmation in the very first exercise, the verbal introduction spoken by Robert Monroe himself. Then you are asked to memorize it. You can listen to the first three minutes here.

If you are heading to a TMI course you have a chance now to learn the affirmation beforehand. When I participated at the Gateway Voyage for the first time I had no time to memorize it and came up with my own version.

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The Gateway Affirmation

Gateway Affirmation

When Robert Monroe introduced this affirmation before embarking on his own journeys out of the body, his vision, perception and quality of encounters with other energies increased dramatically. The affirmation turned out to be a bridge, a passage code or simply a gateway to other dimensions.

Guidelines for the Affirmation

You can of course use your own affirmation. Just follow these FOUR important guidelines:

  • Consider the posibility that you are more than your physical body.
  • State your intent.
  • Ask for help, guidance or assistance
  • Ask for protection

Additionally, expressing your gratitude is a powerful way to acknowledge to yourself that assistance will truly be granted. Gratitude will also put into a state of peace and trust, which will help you on your journey into other realms.

Now you are ready to submerge into the Hemi-Sync process.

As I already mentioned above, listen to a free 3 minutes Hemi-Sync to get a good idea what this powerful tool can do for you. If you would like to experience a full 30 minutes exercise subscribe now to Lucid News. You will receive the password in your inbox as soon as you confirm your subscription. The password will enable you to try out the special exercises available to in the SUBSCRIBERS ZONE.

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