A Biography of Robert Monroe

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Part III of a Biography of Robert Monroe (1971 - 1995)

Bob starts a new life at 55! He marries his 4th wife Nancy, publishes 3 books, creates Hemi-Sync and builds and founds the Monroe Institute. He dies in 1995 at 79 years of age.

Robert Monroe old age
This is an eventful year in Robert Monroe’s life: At 55 years of age, he marries Nancy Penn and the new big family move to Whistlefield Farm.

There Bob sets up a laboratory with 3 CHEC units, calling it the Whistlefield Research Laboratories.

His first book Journeys Out Of The Body is published.

Later that year he is invited to speak at the Harold Sherman Parapsychology Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas and at also at Esalen.

Bob employs two young scientists Tom Campbell and Dennis Menerich to finish the wiring of his new laboratory. Bill Yost would come on occasion to give a hand.

Once the Whistlefield Research Laboratory is finished, they start testing the effects of different sound waves on various volunteers. Bob Monroe calls these volunteers explorers.

The team and Bob Monroe incorporate binaural beats into to their exercises. The effect of binaural beats on the explorers is tremendous. They can easily make them fall asleep or relax on demand. His explorers even report of altered states of consciousness.

Mennerich and Campbell were really the heart and soul of that period in Monroe's discoveries and development. Watch this interview of the two about the early experiments and about the spiritual path.

Robert Monroe applies and receives his first patent for the Frequency Following Response under the name Mentronics. Later Bob renames the technology to Hemi-Sync which stands for Hemispheric Synchronisation.

They start holding Hemi-Sync workshops all over the US. First under the name M5000: Bob wanted to reach 5.000 participants in his programs in the next 10 years.

Participants are introduced to Focus-Levels 10, 12, 15 and 21.

Bob is now 61 years old. His facilitator teams are holding more and more workshops all over US. Travelling from hotel to hotel though with the whole big equipment is getting too complicated.

Bob Monroe dreams to build an Institute where people can come for residential programmes.

The M500 program is renamed into “Gateway Voyage”.

Bob's dream comes true and he buys an extensive new land in Faber, Virginia. For that he sells his apartment blocks and what shares he has left in cable TV. He and Nancy call the new property the New Land.

Soon after the building of their new home and the institute begins.

The Monroe Institute opens its doors

Monroe Insitute 1979
The Monroe Institute opens its doors: 22 people can participate in a residential programme at the time. Each participant in their own CHEC unit, with its own light controls, headphones and recorders connected by microphone to the central laboratory.

Bob is selling off parcels of the New Land, trying to create a place of peace, inviting the new landowners to participate in programs at the Monroe Institute.

(By 1987 a lot of plots were sold. But Bob gave up on the community of peace. Many of the new land owners were simply not interested in the expansion of consciousness.)

Bob registers Hemi-Sync as a trademark.

Bob’s second book Far Journeys is published. His life becomes now one of service to humanity.

Outreach programs in other countries and continents are planned to make the Hemi-Sync technology available to people all over the world.

Robert Monroe launches the Human-Plus series. They are to help people achieve desired changes in behaviour pattern, like change sleep disorders, getting rid of addictions, etc.

The Monroe Institute has now 21 full time employees plus 18 trainers. The Institute flourishes: It offers 2 programs: The Gateway Voyage and Guidelines.

A new program at the Institute: Lifelines – an immediate success. Participants are introduced to the new Focus-levels: 22 – 27.

Bob has started writing his last book. Nancy Monroe falls ill. Bob collaborates with Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross on the “Going Home” CD series and they are introduced for sale. (Focus 27)

Nancy Monroe dies. Bob has a difficult time adjusting to life without her.

“Ultimate Journey”, his last book is published.

Bob creates a new residential workshop called Explorer 27, where Focus levels 34/35 are introduced. This is the focus level where participants are taken to the Gathering mentioned in his second book Far Journeys.

Robert Monroe dies on the 17th April 1995, aged 79 years old.

Robert Monroe's life was a long and eventful one. To read Parts I and II of his biography click on one of the links:

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