Robert A Monroe (1915 - 1995) 
Biography - Part I 

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The most significant events in Bob’s childhood and youth, the first marriage and his financial breakthrough at age 25.

Robert Allen Monroe is born on the 30th of October 1915 to Robert Emmet Monroe and Georgia Monroe in Lexington, Kentucky. Georgia is a medical doctor and Robert Emmet a university professor.

Robert A Monroe is the 3rd of five children. The family calls him Bob. 

Little Bob is a very bright child: aged 4 he can already read and write. His parents are a little concerned about him being left-handed. They try to correct this but soon give up. 

At age 15 Robert A Monroe enters Ohio State College. 

Young Robert Monroe


At age 17 Bob has his first sexual encounter with a girl and decides that he has to marry her secretly out of moral and ethic reasons.

But they both dismiss the thought of marriage in the end after their futile attempts to find a judge to actually marry them.

The same year he flunks out of college. 

Bob leaves home and decides to work and live on his own. Most of the year he lives on the street and takes on any job he can get. In this year he lives through many strange and curious situations which will later serve as inspirations for his radio scripts. 

Bob returns to college and finally gets a degree in English. At college he meets Jeanette, the daughter of a local lawyer. They become rather fond of each other and start a relationship. 

Bob and Jeanette are both into acting and want to put a play together. They hear of a theatre across the border they could rent. And they need money to invest into the equipment for the play.

The Mann Act prohibits the transport of women for "immoral purposes". So, Bob asks her father to marry his daughter - and also for a loan of 8.500$. They do marry in 1937 and Jeanette's father does lend them the money. (It will take Bob 8 years to pay it back.)

The theatre intermezzo turns out to be a disaster though and they end up being broke. 

They are back living with Bob’s parents.

Bob leaves alone to New York to try a new carrier as scriptwriter. Jeanette is supposed to follow when he gets settled. Soon after he realizes she is not the right woman for him and asks her for a divorce. 

The Financial Breakthrough 

Bob sent in script after script of shows to radio stations. In this year one of his scripts Rocky Gordon is accepted for broadcast at the NBC network, five shows per week.

Robert A Monroe at age 25 makes serious money: 1.000$ per week! (This is like 9.000$ in todays value!) 

He founds his first corporation RAM enterprises. He starts working for Donahue & Co. Travelling to Hollywood Bob gets to meet people like Sam Goldwyn and L.B Meyer. 

Bob now founds his own company Monroe Productions. Its first creation for MGM is the 30 minute show Screen Test which runs until 1946. He earns about 300.000$ per year! (In today's value nearly 3.000.000$.)

During this time he lives with Marianne, a concert pianist. The relationship does not last.

Then Bob meets a young actress named Mary Ashworth. They become very interested in each other but somehow lose each other out of sight.

Next he meets the Russian actress Frances. They do start a relationship and soon after they marry. 

Robert Monroe's life was a long and eventful one. To read Parts II and III of his biography click on one of the links:

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• Part III: A New Life at 55 (1971 -1995)

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