The Power of the Mind
What It Is

The power of the mind is the power of Creation. Love is its Source. It has no limits, no borders and no end. As it forever expands its single purpose is to unite that which believes to be separate.

This creative power is always within you. You always generate power from that which you identify with and from what you believe to be your truth.

Your intent and your commitment drive this power towards the desired goal.

When you finally choose to unite your will with the natural purpose of your mind, the universal power of creation becomes available to you and you recognize that you are one with it.

You also begin to see, that everyone can connect to that immense power but has simply forgotten how to.

power of the mind

Where is the Power of the Mind?

Your mind power is in the NOW. If you want to activate it, you have to become aware of the now - of the present moment.

There is nothing you can change about the past. When you put your attention on the past, you get stuck and cannot move on. 

The future, on the other hand, has not arrived yet. The future is always ahead of you – it is an illusion, luring you away from the present moment. The future is the lure in the dogs’ race, designed to keep the dogs chasing after it, never to be reached.

The only place where anything is possible is in the NOW.

How Do I recognize it?

You can recognize your mind power whenever you feel happiness and joy within you or when you feel peaceful or express love.

Any of these feelings can only be expressed in the now, and only when you refuse to carry any grudges from the past with you. The art is to refuse any feelings of fear entering your awareness.

You will also recognize the power of your mind when wishes of yours begin to manifest around you.

If think back about the things which have manifested in your life you will notice that everything began with wish, some kind of desire or idea, or even a need to know. Then your idea became a commitment or an intention and eventually it manifested or you found what you were seeking. 

It can be a simple parking spot you needed to a love partner, dream job to the accomplished inner peace. Even the things which we do not like in our present moment, we have some manifested, i.e. expressed a desire to experience, know or have. 

Can I learn to activate it?

Of course you can learn it, in fact you MUST. Your happiness and joy depend on it. Here a few articles which will help you along:

Here is a little exercise to play with your imagination and the power of your intention: Create a Living Love Bottle, which you can take with you anywhere you go, and use on any situation you find yourself in.

Read on to find out how to connect to your mind power.

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