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Did not hear much

I only heard sounds at the beginning then what sounded like nothing but felt different

Continue reading "Did not hear much"

When to use Hemi-Sync and for how long?

Does Hemi Sync make a permanent difference? For example, I have some Hemi-Sync CDs to help with concentration, etc. Should I just use them when I am

Continue reading "When to use Hemi-Sync and for how long?"

Fun at Work

I now have fun at work by building an online business and working from home! If I can do it, so can anyone...

Continue reading "Fun at Work"

Extraña Sensación con Hemi Sync

Buenas días, Realice el ejercicio solo que en mi cabeza dan vueltas miles de pensamientos, y con mas fuerza los de enojo hacia cierta persona en particular,

Continue reading "Extraña Sensación con Hemi Sync"

My boys, my mom & pa, my boss, co-workers, people

I am grateful for my boys, my mom & pa, my co-workers and people I have met this past year. My boys each in their own way teach me to see & feel different

Continue reading "My boys, my mom & pa, my boss, co-workers, people "


Hi! I am deeply interested what over there could be like. Not just reading about it, but more... Anyhow, I try to live my life awake, and in wholeness,

Continue reading "Try to do LUCID DREAMING"

Lucid Power of the Mind Center

The Power of the Mind is the immense power within you that can make any of your dreams come true. Learn how to channel it into the right direction.

Continue reading "Lucid Power of the Mind Center"

Conscious Awakening

The conscious awakening connects us to our inner power. We return to peace and allow ourselves to find joy in tranquility.

Continue reading "Conscious Awakening"

Hemi Sync Courses

The next Hemi Sync Courses in the Canary Islands and Spain in English: Dates, places, prices and discounts. Book your space as they are limited.

Continue reading "Hemi Sync Courses"

Hemi Sync Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas frecuentes enviadas por personas que usan Hemi Sync. Las respuestas son resultados de muchos años de experiencia, investigación y busqueda del Instituto Monroe.

Continue reading "Hemi Sync Preguntas y Respuestas "

Cursos Hemi Sync en España

Cursos Hemi Sync del Monroe Institute en España: próximas fechas. lugares, precios. Suscríbete para los descuentos y descargas gratuitas.

Continue reading "Cursos Hemi Sync en España"

Curso Hemi Sync Informaci-on

Curso Hemi Sync Información: Relajación y meditación profunda. Regálate tu propio tiempo para la auto-exploración, y libera el poder de tu intuición, intención y creatividad. Explora tu conciencia

Continue reading "Curso Hemi Sync Informaci-on"

A Course in Miracles Original

A Course in Miracles original Urtext is the very first version of the course and has a lot of very important text that is not included in the current popular FIP version - the blue book

Continue reading "A Course in Miracles Original"

I Am Greatful for The People In My Life

For a couple of months now I am going through a very challenging transition in my life. It started with less business opportunities, which drastically

Continue reading "I Am Greatful for The People In My Life"

Theta Brain Waves At Will?

Can one reach deep Theta brain waves and states, easier and faster at will after listening to brainwave entrainment which produces such a state frequently

Continue reading "Theta Brain Waves At Will?"

About Hooponopono

I have heard about Hooponopono from a friend but it took some time until I have read ”Zero Limits”. Then Internet helped me to find more about this. A

Continue reading "About Hooponopono"

Brain Wave Software

Brain Wave Software will get you into a deep relaxation and peaceful state within minutes. Try it now for free and feel for yourself how fast you can switch your mood.

Continue reading "Brain Wave Software"

About Judith

The story of a mind explorer: From random wishing to structured positive thinking, NDEs, OBEs, and retraining the mind to achieve lasting happiness

Continue reading "About Judith"

CD Hemi Sync en Español

Todas los CD Hemi Sync en Español encuentras aquí, con sus foto, descripción y los enlaces para la descarga

Continue reading "CD Hemi Sync en Español"

El Instituto de Robert Monroe

El Instituto Monroe, fundado por Robert Monroe, abrió sus puertas en 1979. Desde entonces miles de personas han viajado desde muchos diferentes países para participar en unos de sus numerosos cursos r

Continue reading "El Instituto de Robert Monroe"

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