Near Death Experience Videos Witnessing an NDE

Watch one of the best Near Death Experience Videos witnessing an NDE: Dr. Lloyd Rudy talks about a patient which is declared dead and then returns to life, recovers and tells of his amazing experience while out of body.

Heart Surgeon witnesses a Near Death 

In this video the famous heart surgeon Dr. Lloyd Rudy talks about him witnessing a near death experience of his patient, whom he had to declare dead on the operating table. 

The patient had to have an emergency heart valve operation. After the the operating team had finished all the necessary tasks to fix he problem with the heart, the next step was to get the patient off the heart-lung-machine.

But every time they tried to do this, the patient's blood pressure would drop and they just could not make the heart work again. After trying numerous times, finally they had to declare him dead. 

Every patient that dies on the operating table, has to have an autopsy. And since the patient was already dead, the surgical assistant closed the patients chest only briefly and switched off the heart-lung machine to be rolled out of the room.

Most other instruments had been taken away except the machine that records the blood pressure, pulse and monitors the heartbeat.

Dr. Rudy and his assistant already taken off their gowns and gloves and washed their hands, they stood in the door to the operating room and discussed what they could have done different to save the patient's live. 

About half an hour after they have switched off all of the machines which kept the body alive the heart starts beating again.

All the medical staff had to be called back into the operating theatre to save the patient in the end. After the operation, the patient fully recovered and told about his near death experience.

Dr. Rudy was most impressed that he the patient had seen things outside of the operating theatre and in rooms the patient had never been in.

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