Matrix Energetics
The Method in Six Easy Steps

In Matrix Energetics I discovered a method which is quite easy to learn allthough at the beginning it all appeared to be a mistery. I identified six simple steps which I apply when working or “playing” with a client. As a result, they quite often percieve the famous transformative wave.

The Six Easy Steps:

  1. Enter the the field of the heart
  2. Identify the problem
  3. Place problem out of the way
  4. Make a connection - “Two Point"
  5. Let go
  6. Observe what is different

There is much more to Matrix Energetics; but this logical step by step technique keeps my left brain busy and allows both the client and myself to enter the zone of transformation where miracles happen.

1. Enter The Field of the Heart

Matrix Energetics me

The first thing Richard Bartlett taught us on the seminar that I attended, was to place our attention into the heart space or into the field of the heart. Once we percieved the heart field, we were to expand it including the people next to us.

He explained that science has recently discovered that the electromagnetic field of the heart was sixty times more powerful than the electromagnetic field of the brain. On this wave of the heart the power of intent travels instantly.

enterint the heartfield with hemi sync

Not only do I enter the heart space but I usually instruct my clients to also enter into theirs as I have seen Richard do with people from the audience. It usually calms them down and they experience a sense of peace and lightness. This in itself is a curative process. To speed up the process I use the Metamusic CDs for meditations, massage and energy work. 

2. Identify the Problem

Melissa and Richard would incessantly repeat: “Notice what you notice and then notice what is different!”

To identify the problem there are two possibilities: Either ask the client: “If I could do anything for you, what would that be?” A great way of acknowledging the client’s problem and giving the left brain something to think about.

Or "notice what you notice". See if you percieve a problem or anything within, on or around the client which he might not even be aware of at this particular point in time.

3. Place problem out of the way

Richard and Melissa use a virtual clipboard above the clients head to place any problem out of the way, away from our immediate attention.

When I do this with a client, I visualize how I pull the problem out from the person’s reality or awareness field ready to be undone when I apply the next step.

4. Make a connection - "Two-Point"

“Two-Point” is the basic tool of Matrix Energetics. Some people figure out how to two-point just by reading Richard Bartett’s first book or watching his video clips.

It is quite simple: When doing a simple two-point on a person you just choose two points on the person’s body and visualize a connection between them. Remember, you need to be in the heart space to actually emanate the wave.

When I visualize a two-point connection, I see a green laser beam connecting one point which catches my attention with another point of my choice. Barlett would often emphasize there was no wrong point. Just go with whatever point you have chosen and trust it to be the right one.

When doing the two point with the morphic field of Matrix Energetics, you are the imaginary line, but simultanously also part of the field. The first point is on the client and the second within the morphic field of Matrix Energetics. At the seminar you learn various ways to connect to that Matrix Morphic Field.

In reality there is no need to even touch the client, all this can be done mentally, but the gestures help the left brain keeping a sense of logic and keeping it busy.

5. Let Go!

Bartlett would say:

“Get out of the way and let the field do its thing!”

It is like letting go of the string on a bow: Let go - so the arrow can travel to its target. Or he would say: When you throw a stone in the pond, you have to eventually let it go, so it can fall in the water and create the ripple wave pattern in the pond.

Letting go appears to be difficult to some of us. Melissa recommended to go mentally shoe shopping – that is what she does to allow the process to unfold. Richard recommended to step a couple of steps away from the person, even turning your back – bringing some space between your reality field and the one of your client.

6. Observe what is different

“Notice what you notice and then notice what is different”

After you either mentally or physically stepped away, observe what you see to be different, or even ask the client. But as Richard would constantly remind us: “Ask an open-ended question to keep the left brain busy.”

This is where the client usually comments on feeling the wave. It is like an energy surge which seems to come from without towards them to then spread within them.

Whatever catches your attention is a ready object to start the process from the top. Repeat this until you get a sense that you are finished “playing” - that you are done.

To sum it up:

These six steps will really only make sense to you if you have participated at a Matrix Energetics seminar. You need someone to show you and guide you through the technique as there is a lot more to it than what I describe here.

In any technique where there is energy flow or transformation involved has to be a kind of initiation, if you like. The teacher shows the pupil how to apply a technique and then observes if the pupil has understood or if he needs more explications. Well, the same goes for Matrix Energetics.

A new window of the Oficial Matrix Energetis Website will open when clicking on the Upcoming Seminars, and this one will remain open underneath it. 

If you would like to share your experience with M.E. you can do it here.

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