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Find some interesting links to pages which cover similar subjects: Law of Attraction, Consciousness, Mind Power, Manifesting, Problem Solving, and of course a direct click to Monroe Products, the online store for Hemi-Sync CDs.

There are millions of web pages out there. Every now and again I find an interesting website which could be interesting for you. Here I place the quicklinks to those sites, so you alway find them easily.

When you click on their title a new window will open, leaving the Lucid Mind Center open, making it easy for you to return.

The Monroe Institute Research Papers
Here you will find hundreds of research papers and articles of medical, educational and other professionals who have used Hemi-Sync in their practice or for scientific research. Great stuff.

Hemi-Sync CDs ONLINE store
This is the official Web site of Monroe Products, the owners of Hemi-Sync. Here you can browse through all the Hemi-Sync CDs and listen to a couple of minutes of many of the titles. You can even download most of the CDs instantly, and save a lot of money at the same time. Check it out.

Infinite Manifesting
Infinite manifesting is when we go beyond to experience abilities that we have not experienced in our past. To know more about ourself, about our body and it's well being, and experiencing more bliss and excitment in our daily lives.

The Secret of Living the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction states that whatever you give consistent thought to, you will create. The Universe is attraction based and we get what we think about. And once you have given great thought to something with great emotion and then expect it to come, it will.

Metaphysics for Better Living
Learning how to naturally combine metaphysics and God into a beautiful way of living. There are Natural Laws in the Universe that God has given us. Once these Laws are Understood and incorporated into our lives, you will see Dramatic Results.

Consciousness Evolving
Evolving Consciousness is your Amazing Spiral of Personal Development through Joy! Creating, Recreating and Expressing in an Endless, Glorious Dance of Life.

"Sign up for a free copy of "The Yoga 3 Step Blueprint," that will quickly bring the gifts of yoga to your life! Free yoga poses, meditation techniques, yoga DVDs and resources will help you on your journey towards optimal health, enlightenment and unity consciousness. Discover the ancient secrets of yoga that will permanently transform your life, physically, mentally and spiritually." Really great Yoga page.

Ask Gratitude
This personal development blog shows how you can create a joyful & abundant life by being true to yourself. To help you overcome worry & fear and have absolute freedom in all your affairs. 

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