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Improve your brain balance and figure out how to synchronize your two hemispheres to benefit from the full potential of a Whole Brain State or Brain Balancing.

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Our brain is seperated lenghtwise into two different hemispheres. In the middle the two hemispheres are connected via the Corpus Callosum which allows instant communication between them.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain the right side. Allthough the two sides are similar, there are some small differences in anatomy and their functions are slightly different.

Test your Brain to find out which of your two brain halves dominates.

There is statistic evidence that 95% of right-handed people have a left hemisphere dominance in certain areas like for example language. But only 19% of left handed people have right hemisphere dominance.

Left and Right Brain Functions

Left Brain Right Brain

There is a widespread discussion about the validity of brain lateralisation and research into the subject is ongoing.

But let me tell you what we do know:

Our left brain is the reasonable and logic side. That is where we control time, or try to have an objective overview in a given situation.

The ability to move to a rhythm is often dominated by the left side of the brain, melody is dominantly in the right side.

While we chose the words with the left brain, we chose the tone of voice with our right brain.

We process our emotions with the right side. The right brain keeps us in the present, while the left analyses the past and plans for the future. The right side talks subjectively about events and rather feels into a situation. 

When you improve your brain, you activate the dormant abilities of your non-dominant hemisphere and learn new ways to master life's challenges.

To see how your brain works try this

Say the COLOUR of the word

Right brain left brain

Your right brain tries to say the colour, BUT your left brain insists on reading the word. This shows us once more how our left brain is dominant.

It is possible to improve your brain: The fastest way there is with Binaural Beats and best technology using binaural beats is the sound technology called Hemi Sync. Once we learn how to synchronize our brain or reach the so called Whole Brain State - we keep it for life. It is like learning to ride a bicycle.

There is a lot to our brains we do not know. While science is doing their research in to the brain, the mind and its power needs to be developed. The synchronisation of our brain is one way of activating it.

No Coincidence to the Left Brain Dominance

According to this video, it is not a conincidence that we are left brain dominant.

Our Western society promotes left brain, logical and analytical thinking. Therefore those who naturally have a left brain dominance thrive in our society and become the leaders and law makers. When it is their turn to lead the society, they in turn put emphasis on left brain dominant thinking.

To improve our brain balance is probably the next big hurdle in our society. It is us who have to make it happen. With meditation, Hemi-Sync and systematic mind training our society will be able to take a new direction.

TEST Your Brain to find out which hemisphere is dominant.

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