Is Hemi Sync like Hypnosis?

by Richard

Hemi Sync vs. Hypnosis

Hemi Sync vs. Hypnosis

I hear Hemi-Sync is like hypnosis. Apparently it's supposed to help reach a deeper state of relaxation and therefore help explore these altered states better.

Is that true?

Thanks, Richard

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Sep 20, 2013
Hemi Sync is similiar to Hypnosis
by: Judith

Hi Richard,

Yes, they are similar. Hypnosis induces altered states of mind. These altered states relax the body sufficiently to be temporarily ignored except for maybe demands like bladder fullness, etc.

It is sometimes described as focused concentration. This altered state is one in which the participant has perhaps even more control over the body and self than in ordinary states of consciousness.

Hypnosis is sometimes used for pain control in minor surgeries, childbirth, and even dentistry.

It is an expanded state of awareness, in which one can be fully aware of the sensory data from the environment like sound, light, temperature and so on.

Yet at the same time one can develop awareness of other data sources as well: past lives, out-of-body information, information from guides, one's inner self, etc.

Neither the Hypnosis nor the Hemi-Sync states can make you DO anything. At all times are able to maintain your faculties for choice and value systems, including choosing to follow suggestions from the therapist or not.

Hemi Sync is designed to leave control in the hands of the listener. In this sense, it is related to self-hypnosis.

It does not make you do anything. It simply creates an effect that helps you move into a certain state, providing that you relax and are open to responding to the process.

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