I Am Greatful for The People In My Life

by Beatrice

For a couple of months now I am going through a very challenging transition in my life. It started with less business opportunities, which drastically reduced my income. That reduction led logically to a mountain of bills that I could not pay. As a result I had to give up my office because I could no longer afford it.

In the middle of moving out of my office, my kid brother passed away and for lack of resources, I could not attend his funeral ceremony given the fact that I live abroad. Before he could even be laid to rest, I got a notice from the court informing me that I had to quit my home, in which I live with my two kids, 11 and 13. The reason being the same as with the office> my inability to pay the rent for the past two months.

There was I with no money even to move the office to a home that I was being asked to move out of as well.

In the midst of my challenges, one of my neighbours visited me and I opened up to him. He immediately offered to transfer most of my stuff from the office to my home, even though we did not know for how long. The second neighbour promised to transport whatever was left over from the first. Two other friends volunteered to help arrange my stuff so the neighbours can transport them.

My office landlord accepted that I should pay the rent at a later date.

Two days after we got the office stuff home, the next notice came from the court informing time that I have to clear up my
home and move out with my kids within the next four weeks.

Again I got some help from a female journalist (I had only met twice in my life as guest in her TV show) opted to pick up part of the open bills, and promised her support as far as she could.

Even my kids were surprisingly very understanding that we shall have to move out of our apartment within the next four weeks (even though I still do not know where to take them to).

That has been part of a very interesting journey for me, during which doors are closing and others opening with people around me showing me lots of respect and giving me help that I under normal circumstances would not ask for. I am sure the journey is still going to be rougher, especially when we have to move in three weeks without having a home to go to, at this time of the year.

In spite of the uncertainty, the insecurity, I am all gratitude for all the good people in my life for standing by and holding me up, as I walk through what I now fondly call “my personal break down to break through journey”

I know this is a long story, but I just felt like sharing it with others who have been there before, who are there right now and even those who may find themselves there one day...

Never forget to focus on those small pieces of good things, moments and gestures that compared to your challenge may be very insignificant, but without which you will never overcome your challenge!

Thank you Judith for allowing me to use this space!


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Jan 06, 2016

by: Judith

Thank you Beatrice - yes it always seems hard until it is done!

Happy 2016!

Nov 02, 2015
I am greatful for the people and moments in my life 2
by: Beatrice

Dear Judith!

Thank you very much for this space and your kind comment. It has been more than one year that I wrote my first comment in your blog. I had even forgotten that I wrote it until I got a notice today that someone left me a comment. So I logged back in and rediscovered where I was at this time, one year back. I feel compared to sharing where I stand today with you and those who commented on my story.

It is exactly one year and two weeks today that my life seemed like a single total breakdown. The catastrophy seemed like unstoppable. I hardly knew what to do about it. In the mist if it all that I took the decision to write a book to own my story and liberate inspire and myself out of the mess. So I wrote my third book with the title "Follow me to Africa, in an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela. This book is available on Amazon. When I finished writing that book I know I had to take a radical decision if I wanted to reclaim ownership of my life.

And so I took the radical decision to let go everything that has been mine and home for the last twenty years, to break out of a comfort zone that was becoming my constant struggle zone, quit an environment that obvious had no value for my talents, for who I knew I was destined to become, defied what friends and family had to say, gave up the home that was becoming a burden, packed my two suitcases and relocated from Europe where I have been living for the last twenty years back to Africa to start all over again.

It’s been three months since I left Europe behind me. The challenges are not yet over. The good thing is that the environment I am in is different, receptive, welcoming and full of opportunities. Above all I am daring to dream positive again, learning to laugh again and am full of new ideas. I am creating my new life not repairing the old one any more. I have no doubts that I am on the right highway to who I have always wanted to be and that in the next one year I will be celebrating myself really loud.

My message to whoever is reading this blog is, DARE to break out of any circumstances that maybe stopping you from becoming who you know deep within you that you were destined to be. Be it your home, your neighbourhood, your friendships, your job, your dress, whatever it is that you think is holding you down, break out of it and give yourself the unapologetic permission to become YOU. No one can do if for you, you have to do it no matter how hard it may seem to be. My hero Nelson Mandela once said "It always seems impossible until it is done!"
Good luck!

Beatrice :-)

Sep 15, 2014
Thank You!
by: Judith

Dear Beatrice,

Thank you for sharing your story.

When we go through challenging times, we are on a fast learning lane. What would take us years or decades to learn we can pick up in weeks or month.

Sometimes we cannot really see what the learning is about. We don't have to. Maybe the whole situation is a lesson in trust...

Wishing you all the best,


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