How To Do Self Hypnosis

How to do self hypnosis? Easy - just follow the 10-step self hypnosis instruction below.

Self Hypnosis is best done while relaxing and listening to some music or a special recording. You can record the relaxation text onto a device and then play it to yourself while sitting comfortably in a chair or while lying down.

The other possibility is that you use a prepared relaxation recording. You can find some recommendations for self hypnosis audio at the bottom of this page. Under all circumstances self hypnosis will work by far better if you use brain entrainment software or music, while doing the exercise.

I have prepared a 10 step guide to self hypnosis under the picture. If you would like to enlarge the picture click on it.

How to do Self Hypnosis?

How To Do Self Hypnosis Instruction

Follow these simple guidelines if you are going to prepare your own self hypnosis:

  1. Choose a time and a place when no one and nothing will disturb you. You can do a fast self hypnosis in 10 minutes or you can take a whole hour. 
  2. Sit in a confortable chair or even lie down. Somewhere where outside noise will not disturb you. 
  3. Before you start entering the deep relaxation, state your intent: What is the purpose of the exercise? You can use the Gateway Affirmation for that. 
  4. Imagine a protective shield around your body and mind. This ritual of self protection serves the purpose of reminding yourself that nothing fearful or dangerous can happen to you.
    Especially if scary images should emerge from your subconscious, know that nothing can harm you.
  5. Begin the relaxation process. Relax consciously each part of the body. I recommend to start at your toes and work your way up to the head. But you can also start from the top and work your way down. 
  6. Once you are completely relaxed, it is the time to state your intent, ask your question, or ask for a solution to your problem. 
  7. And then allow yourself to just wait, to just be. Whatever comes up - thoughts, images, memories, dialogues - let them come, observe them and then let them go again. This is not the time to analyse. 
  8. After a while say to yourself that on the count of three you will be wide awake, refreshed and energised. 
  9. Then count to three. 
  10. Now write down what ever the impressions, sensations, images and anything else what you can remember. That way you record it into your long term memory - and now you can analyse to your hearts content.  
Self Hypnosis Instructions

Is Hemi-Sync Like Self-Hypnosis?

Many ask if the verbally guided Hemi-Sync exercises are like self-hypnosis or can be used to that effect. Yes, to both questions. The verbal instructions in either are very similar to each other.

The difference are the mixed in binaural beats which are playing an essential part in the Hemi-Sync recordings.

Robert Monroe and his team did a lot of testing until they figured out a wide variety of applications. In the different Monroe CDs the right combination of the specific binaural beat frequencies mixed with verbal instructions guarantees that the listener will reach profound states of relaxation which is basically identical to a deep hypnotic state. 

Maybe even deeper in a sense because people have experienced profound revelations and even out of body experiences while listening to Hemi-Sync

Self Hypnosis Audio

Here are some recordings which will teach you how to do self hypnosis.

Chakra Meditation with Hemi-Sync CD

Chakra Journey with Hemi-Sync - is a wonderfully relaxing verbally guided exercise. 

When you experience unreleased feelings such as fear, anger or guilt, you block our energy flow. The affirmations included here will help you return to a much calmer and energized sense of well-being. 

Energy Walk is another one of my favourites as well as the Moment of Revelation. In the SUBSCRIBER ZONE you can listen to the first few minutes of Energy Walk in English. You just need to subscribe to my free newsletter to receive the password. 

If you are serious about self-exploration, and really want to become an expert in how to do self hypnosis, then the Gateway Experience is something you could greatly benefit from.

The Gateway Experience is a set of CDs which will teach you step by step how to enter deeply relaxed states and program your mind and thoughts towards a happier self and towards the goals you want to achieve in your life.

Find out more about the Hemi-Sync technology

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