How To Change Your Life - DAY 7
& Mantra For Wealth

We have now arrived at the last DAY 7 of the free online course. After we review the lesson of the last SIX DAYS, you will learn to create your own mantra for wealth and prosperity.

If you have followed all the lessons as instructed you have had an exciting week. Maybe it took you more than 6 days to arrive here. That is OK - and happens more often than not. But you will not feel the shift if you rushed to arrive here. I would recommend to start again.

When you begin gearing your thoughts towards a particular goal, you attract the very things you want into your life. It is as if the whole universe collaborates with you. Maybe it does.

Let's recap on the course on how to change your life:

  • In DAY 1 we learned that it does not matter if you make mistakes, it does not matter if you stumble and fall. What matters is that you get up and try again.
  • In DAY 2 we learned to live each day as if it was the last. Life is to be enjoyed - all the time. Every morning you should bring this into your awareness.
  • In DAY 3 we learned the importance of setting goals that we feel passionate about. Goals are dreams with a deadline. Goals give our mind a direction.
  • In DAY 4 we learned the importance of believing in ourselves. If you don't believe that you deserve what you ask for you will also not receive it.
  • In DAY 5 we learned the power of gratitude. It is really important that you carry the feeling of gratitude within your awareness all day long. You have learned that with gratitude in your heart you are open to receive - you attract the good things in life.
  • In DAY 6 we learned about the difference between money and success. Money is not the most important thing in life, but it is an important tool for exchanging goods and services. You have learned to establish what truly matters to you.

Now that you have learned these SIX important concepts on how to change you life and realize your dreams, it is time that you create your own daily mantra. I call it a mantra, others call it meditation, positive thinking or prayer.

What it is called is not important. What matters is that you state what your intentions are for now and for your future.

For the sake of simplicity we will call it The Mantra for Wealth:

The Mantra For Wealth & Prosperity
How To Change Your Life - DAY 7

Mantra For Wealth - Create Your Own

Your mantra for wealth and prosperity becomes powerful when you use it every day and when you fill in the dots "..." with your own words describing what your intentions are. Your intent for this day, this week, this year and your life.

Take a piece of paper and write your mantra by hand. Copy word by word what is says below, on the dots "..." filling in the things which matter to you - the things, concepts, goals you have worked on in the previous lessons.

  1. This day, today, I will enjoy to the fullest,
    because I live every day as if it were my last. (Relates to DAY 2)
  2. If I make a mistake today, I will not become upset. I know that each mistake or seeming failure gets me one step closer to my goal. I don't give up. (Relates to DAY 1 - Don't give up)
  3. My goal for today is ...
    My long term goal is ...
    (The goals you identified in DAY 3)
  4. I am guided by my inner wisdom. This inner wisdom always guides me to take the right action and gives me the strength and serenity to accept the situations that I cannot change right now. (Relates to DAY 4 - Believe to receive)
  5. I am grateful for ... (what you identified in Day 5)
  6. The things which truly matter to me are the same which help me leap forward towards my personal success. These are ... (the concepts which you identified in DAY 6)
  7. All people I meet today support me and help me towards achieving my goals. In turn, I enhance their day with my presence and improve their life with my service. (Also Day 4)

Fill in your personal goals, what you are grateful for and what success means for you. Then copy the hand written mantra at least two times on a copy machine or type it into a PC and print it out a couple of times.

Leave the original next to your bed, put one copy in your wallet and one copy somewhere in your car or your office.

As soon as you can, after you wake up in the morning collect your thoughts and bring them into the present moment. Focus on where you are right here and now. Then read your personal mantra for wealth and prosperity. When you do it often enough you will know it by heart.

Whenever you feel down during the day, read it again. Preferably loud if you can. If you feel that you need to adjust anything in your text, do it but keep it positive. 

And in the evening, just before you settle for sleep but still awake enough to be able to concentrate, read your mantra one more time. Pay attention to what each sentence means and what it means to you.

The next day repeat the procedure.

This is the end of the free online course on how to change your life. Use this mantra for wealth and prosperity at least once per day, for at least one month.

You will notice a difference in the world around you. People will become more helpful, opportunities will fall into your lap, you will feel more energized and your life will take a more positive turn.

When you begin noticing your changes share your story here to give support to the people who come here after you.

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