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Learn everything about Hemi Sync, Robert Monroe, brain wave entrainment, binaural beats and how it all can work for you. 

Hemi-Sync© is a very powerful sound technology invented by Robert Monroe, who also founded the Monroe Institute.

The technology consists of different combinations of binaural beats, various sound effects, instruments, music and/or verbal instructions. Depending on the desired effect you listen do different recordings.

To get an idea, listen to a 3 minutes Hemi-Sync trial exercise now online by clicking on FREE Binaural Beats

You can also listen to free samples of Robert Monroe's Metamusic  at the Hemi Sync Downloads. There you will find a whole collection of both CDs with and without verbal instructions.

Robert Monroe created hundreds of CDs, which can be used for a wide variety of applications. In Monroe Products you will get an overview of all the CDs.

With Hemi Sync you can either focus your brain to peak performance and concentration, or relax it into deep meditation.

You can use it to help you sleep, alleviate pain and accelarate the healing process.

A long list of benefits is the results of all the advantages reported by people, who have been using Hemi Sync on a regular basis either privately or professionally.

You will also find specific recordings which will help you enter altered states of consciousness, if you so wish. A very effective way to start exploring your mind.

You can even use it to induce Out of Body states, enhance Lucid Dreaming or Remote Viewing. It is all up to you, how you want to use it and what for.

Most Popular Hemi Sync At-Home-Courses

The Gateway Experience
(Detailed Info)

Lucid Dreaming

Support for Journeys
Out of The Body

How to use Hemi-Sync?

Deep Meditation with Hemi Sync

The most effective way to listen to binaural beats is over stereo headphones. If you are having a group meditation or a class room activity stereo speakers can be just as effective.

Only make sure that all participants are sitting more or less in the middle of the two speakers.

There are 3 types of recordings, each serving a different purpose: Metamusic, Mind Food, Human Plus. Read a short explanation in the Monroe Products page.

When I first tried it, I was a bit afraid of listening to sounds which could influence my brain. Soon I realized though, that influencing my brain was only possible if I actually allowed it.

This technology has some incredible lasting effects on me, which I describe in my personal impressions of the Gateway Voyage.

How does Hemi-Sync work?

Hemi Sync Questions & Answers

It stands for Hemispheric Synhronisation and that is one of the technology's immediate effects. Exact explanations you will find in the articles about Brain Wave Entrainment and Binaural Beats.

Check out also this page: Ask your Question about Hemi-Sync. You can ask me and I will answer within 24 hours. 

Is Hemi-Sync Used for Self Hypnosis?

Many ask if the Hemi-Sync exercises are like self-hypnosis. Yes it can be used for self hypnosis. In fact it speeds up the process of reaching the deeply relaxed state, one identifies as deep hypnotic and meditative state. Learn how to do self hypnosis effectively.

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