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Here you can find the next Hemi Sync Workshops & Courses we hold in the Canary Islands as well as in Spain:  Dates, Places, Prices and Discounts. See all the information below.

The amount of spaces are always very limited as we want to guarantee an excepcional experience for each participant. To assure your space, reserve it soon.

Intensive Hemi Sync Courses
Gran Canaria - Spring 2015

Excursion I:

NDE Special: 

Two Day Intensive, Focus 10 & 12

New! One Day Workshop: Into the Light, Exploring Near Death Experiences with Hemi-Sync. New!


A very quiet and relaxing, private finca
On the road to Palmitos Park


Dates to be confirmed


Complete Course (the 4 levels)
Course manual
Headphones during the course
Discount voucher
Tea, coffee, water and biscuits


10 € per person and day
Includes a three course menu and drinks

Course Price:

150 € per person
Reserve space: 50 €


to be confirmed

Sleep over:

25 € per night in a shared room
(Friday and/or Saturday)
Single rooms for 15 €

Organizer & Facilitator:

Judith Schjorring
Accredited Outreach Facilitator of the Monroe Institute

You can also call on (+34) 649 962 075
For reservations & questions

Detailed description at Hemi-Sync Course


The Benefits of the Hemi Sync Course

Hemi Sync Brain

With this course you treat yourself to two days of well-being and self-exploration while you learn how to reprogram your mind to a better life.

You will learn how to recognize the power of your sub-conscious mind and how to make these powers work for you.

We are talking about such powers as are your intuition, creativity, problem-solving ability and self-healing.

The Hemi Sync Courses are focused on practical learning. They are geared towards your own experiences to reach some of the following results:

  • Reducing Feelings of Stress
  • Improving Sleep
  • Achieving Deep Relaxation
  • Learning Effective Meditation
  • Undoing Fears
  • Solving Problems
  • Exploring the Self, the Mind and other realms of Being
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Developing dormant Abilities and Talents
  • Discovering Intuition and Inner Wisdom
  • Applying Your true Potential to all areas of Life
  • Better Understanding of Your own Energy
  • Using your own Intuition to lead you towards a better Life
  • Exploring Out-Of-Body states
  • Lucid Dreaming

What is Hemi-Sync?

Hemi-Sync is a very powerful sound technology which can get you into deeply relaxed and meditative states, while you stay alert enough to explore your subconscious mind.

To find out more check out the Hemi Sync benefits, the various music and recordings and check out the FAQs.

You can also try now a few minutes of FREE Hemi-Sync to get an idea what it is and how it makes you feel. 

When you are ready reserve your space now.

How to Reserve Your Space

We only accept a limited amount of participants per course to ensure that each participant receives our full attention. You can reserve you space with a 50 Euros deposit.

You can make your reservation over PAYPAL or you can make a bank transfer, if you prefer. If so, please write in the comments below when entering your personal details: "Prefer to pay per bank transfer."

Choose Amount of Reservations
Choose Location

Fill in this form to reserve your space. If there is more of you please fill in the full name of each participant in the comments box. You will receive a reply within a day, or two the latest.

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