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happiness is within course

The basic Hemi Sync Course Excursion I is an adventure into the vast realms of yourself. Attributes of your SELF like happiness, peace, joy and love are already within you.

But certain obstacles like fear, anger or hate make you unaware of these core attributes of yourself.

In this course you will learn how to you reach these deep hidden treasures and make them accessible in your everyday life. Sometimes all it takes is to learn how to undo fears and learn how to visualize what you really want manifested in your reality. 

Many people who have participated in a Monroe Institute course report of important personal revelations and changed perception of their life and the people and things around them.

The Hemi Sync Course is a fast track to deep states of relaxation and meditation, accelerated learning and focussed attention.

An effective way to activate your inherent mind power! 

In Excursion I you will learn how to

  • Enjoy deep states of Meditation and Relaxation
  • Explore your Inner Self to liberate your inherent mind powers such as intuition, intent or creativity.
  • Undo unpleasant feelings of fear, hate and anger and replace them with happiness, love and acceptance.

Find out about dates, places, prices in Hemi Sync Courses.

About The 2-Day Hemi Sync Course

You will listen to Hemi-Sync exercises developed by Robert Monroe which form the core of the workshop. There will be introductions into each exercise, with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.

To get an idea of an exercise you can listen to a 3 minute trial now. Or even to the Hemi Sync 30 min Introductory Exercise. For the Intro Exercise you will need a password which you will obtain when Subscribing to Lucid News.

meditation for beginners

There are Four Parts to the Hemi Sync Course Excursion I. Parts I and II are usually given on the first day and parts III and IV on the second day of a weekend.

But it is also possible to participate at each of the parts separately, provided that you have attended the previous parts of the course already.

  • Part I
    In part I you will be introduced to Focus 10 which Robert Monroe identified as the “Mind awake/Body asleep” state. It is a deeply relaxed state in which your awareness of physical sensory input is reduced, yet the mind is alert and attentive to experience.

    This gives birth to an awareness that you exist with or without the physical body and that there is an energy within and around you. We will explore and play with this new subtle energy until you can switch it on and off at will.
  • Part II
    In the Second Part you will be very familiar with Focus 10 and learn how to enter into deep meditation and relaxation without verbal guidance. Here we will explore how to undo fears in Focus 10.
  • Part III
    Now it is time to be introduced to Focus 12 "the state of expanded awareness" in which you can become more conscious of inner resources and your inherent guidance; a powerful and empowering state which readily lends itself to many diverse applications.
  • Part IV
    Now familiar with Focus 12 we learn how to use this powerful state in normal wakeful consciousness and how to solve problems instantly that may come up. The powerful meditation "Energy Walk" replenishes each cell of our bodies as a closing to this deep exploration of our inner landscapes.

During the Hemi Sync course you will listen over stereo headphones to Hemi Sync exercises helping you to reclaim parts of yourself, which before seemed unreachable.

Hemi Sync Course

Paradoxically, one of the results, many report, is the sudden ability to focus attention and effective concentration.

Once you have learned to uncover these dormant abilities, you will be able to access them easier in the future.

Hemi Sync is based on Binaural Beats. To get an idea how binaural beats funtion listen to this 3 minutes Hemi Sync Exercise.

This program is not recommended for individuals who suffer from epilepsy or seizures.

After Completion

When you have completed all four parts of Excursion I, you receive your diploma and a 150€/200$ discount voucher attenting any Monroe Institute residential course.

Many participants repeat some of the four parts or the entire course. You can do that too, at great discount.

Language: English/Spanish/German. In Courses & Workshops you can find out about dates, places, prices and other details of the upcoming courses and workshops.

Impressions of the Course

People had amazing things happening to them when they participated in one of the courses at TMI. For me personally there is a before and an after the first Monroe Institute course. 

You can read my Impression of the Gateway Voyage to get an idea. But each TMI course I have participated in has given me a little more insight into the levels of human consciousness in general, and into the different layers of my own self in specific.

Even when I am holding courses myself nowadays, I have an insight or two when my attendees sink into deep mediatation.

Before I booked my own residential course I read Joseph Felser's account of his experience to just get a little idea what was going to happen. When you click on the link a PDF file will open in a new window.

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