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When to use Hemi-Sync and for how long? 
Does Hemi Sync make a permanent difference? For example, I have some Hemi-Sync CDs to help with concentration, etc. Should I just use them when I am …

How Much Hemi Sync Per Day? 
How many hours per day is it allowed to listen to Hemi Sync products? And how many exercises from the Gateway Experience can I do per day? Thank you, …

How to do Self Hypnosis with Hemi Sync? 
I would like to learn self-hypnosis with Hemi-Sync. Is this possible? Which CDs do you recommend? ------------------------------------------------ …

Can I listen to Hemi Sync in my car?  
Dear Susan, Please do not use Hemi-Sync while driving. It would take your attention of the road and take it inward. It is actually dangerous to drive …

Is Hemi Sync like Hypnosis?  
I hear Hemi-Sync is like hypnosis. Apparently it's supposed to help reach a deeper state of relaxation and therefore help explore these altered states …

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