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With good quotes we can say a lot just with a few words. They can be uplifting or motivating, mindful or spiritual, thought-provoking and critical - but always short and straight to the point. 

Here is a selection of my favourite quotes by famous people,  popular texts or phrases and poems authored by me. Most of the pictures I use on other pages of this Web site, where they suit the theme.

Please feel free to share the quotes and pictures on your social networks, just let your community know where you got them from. Thank you. 

Wise Quotes

Wise Quotes about Life, Truth, Love, Teaching and more. Grab the pictures and share on Facebook, Pinterest, Blooger or anywhere else. Just let people know where you got it from.

Quotes About Life

Kalil Gibran

In Quotes About Life you can find a whole collection of inspiring quotes and sayings from famous people, to anonymous to brand new inspirations. Either photos or videos. The goal is to share and spread happiness...

The Greatest Love of All 

the greatest love of all

The greatest Love of All is motherly love. Or let me extend this to parental love. When we fall in love with our children we come closest to experiencing love in its purest form.

This photo is of my fourth child when he was about one month old. It inspired to write a poem called: I Love You, My Child

Seasonal Quotes 

Easter Quotes

Easter Quotes: This is the latest addition to quotes about Easter.

You can pick the picture you like and print it, share it, post it.

You can even add your own.

Featured Quotes 

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti. 

Are you well adjusted? But somehow things and circumstances in your life feel unreal and without true value?

Do you find yourself questioning the corporate goal, the family values, the society pressure, the religious dogmas and actually desire to follow what your gut feeling tells you is right?

Then it is time to change things. The place to begin is with your self - within yourself. The only place where you can have any kind of success. Find this power within you...

You do not need to be well adjusted, you need to be happy and enjoy yourself, your life, your colleagues, your family. At every moment - it is your time you are either waisting or enjoying.

When you begin enjoying - when you begin to realize that this life is yours, fear slowly disappears. And your mere presence allows others to question if their well adjusted state is all they want. 

Is Our Society Changing? 

Luckily, society is changing already! More and more people do not or cannot agree with old values anymore. They begin to consider other points of view as a possibility for themselves. You cannot reach your goal if you don't have one.

Some scream in fear CRISIS! Others realize it is only a necessary change of values, of paradigms. Necessary for our society to move into a new direction.

People like Krishnamurti or Steve Jobs were pioneers or wayseers as this video manifests.

Are you a non-comformist? Do not forget that you yourself are a wayseer and that there is nothing wrong with looking at things in a different way. In fact, you are truly valueable because you did not get tired of pointing in a new direction.

Quotes About Achievements 

"Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and greatly underestimate what they can do in ten." ~ Jim Rohn.

Just think how many times you gave up - even on your dreams - because you were not succesful within the first month or two.

And then look at your achievements, were you persisted and did not give up. Where you tried another angle, waited until the kids grew older, job situation calmed down, partner moved out, and you had more time to figure out what to do. What did you achieve in the last 10 years. Allow yourself to slow down. 

Quotes about Beauty and Happiness

Sensation and Perception

"True Beauty you can only see if you stop long enough to look with Your Heart." 

"True Happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances. Happiness is an inner state - an inner frame of mind."

~ The Lucid Mind Center

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