Gateway Voyage® in England (17-23 August 2013)

Purley Chase Centre - Gateway Voyage

Purley Chase Centre - Gateway Voyage

Purley Chase Centre - Gateway Voyage
Purley Chase Center Squirrel

The Gateway Voyage ® is the Heart of The Monroe Institute's educational programs.

For more than 30 years this intensive six-day retreat has changed the lives of thousands of people through exploring profound states of expanded awareness.

In this course, participants are introduced to the audio-guidance technology called Hemi-Sync ®, for integrating consciousness and learn about the numerous opportunities available for mental, emotional, and physical healing. There are no prerequisites required for this program.

Using this powerful Hemi-Sync® audio technology, the program consists of a carefully sequenced series of learning exercises designed to provide positive experiences.

Step-by-step, the participant learns methods to move comfortably along a continuum of consciousness, shifting between one phase (or focus of consciousness) and another.

The Gateway Voyage® is a method of discovery where one can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience.

Join us for a week of relaxing, deep exploration, while subtle changes in our brainwave patterns allow us to awaken creative powers, release fears and blocks and connect with other dimensions.

Resiidential Facilitator: Linda Leblanc

For more information or to apply, visit The Monroe Institute - England

The Gateway Voyage will take place at the most relaxing facilities of the Purley Chase Centre, located in Warwickshire in the West Midlands region of England.

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Apr 05, 2013
This venue looks very inviting
by: Judith

Wow, I like this venue for a Gateway Voyage. If I can convince my husband - we are coming...!

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