Christian Near Death Experiences

Christian Near Death Experience

Christian Near Death Experiences are very interesting in the sense that some dying people identify the typical NDE Elements as Christian entities.

These NDEers are usually live or have lived in a Christian environment, but may see themselves as atheists or members of other religions. The being of light they recognize as Jesus Christ or God, the life review they assimilate as the last judgement, and cities of light as heaven. They sometimes also see areas of suffering which they describe as hell

After their NDEs they become devoted followers of Christianity.

Man Near Death stung by Jellyfish

This is a story of a man who saw himself as an atheist, even a sinner not believing in anything. At a diving trip he gets stung by five jellyfish, which brings him into a close encounter with death. As gets rushed into hospital. 

In the ambulance his body was already completely paralysed and he began losing consciousness. As he sees his life review he realizes that he is dying. When he is brought into the hospital, he left his body.

The hospital staff tried to resuscitate him during a long period time, but they could not get him back and have to declare him dead. His body is brought to the morgue. But that was not the end...

Watch these videos where he tells his own story:

This Lawyer Recognizes God in His NDE

This lawyer is in hospital and suffering from severe internal bleeding, a result from an operation trying to fix a chronic stomach disorder. After the operation he regained consciousness for a little while and then fell into a deep coma. Then he experienced and NDE, which he describes as the "sweetest day" in his whole life.

Out of battered body, he experienced no pain and suddenly saw this incredible light which he described as the presence of God himself emanating only unconditional love. He never felt more alive, he saw things we never see on this earth. He felt like the prodigal sun in Jesus' parable.

His main message after his NDE:

"God Loves You! He knows exactly what you are going through at all times. I used to wake up with a knot in my stomach - now I wake up with peace in my heart."

Watch this video where he tells his own story:

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