Betrayal Turns to Self Love
False Accusation Turns to Peace Within

by D

He told me I was cheating and would not take any part in it. I was not, had not and had NEVER planned to. I loved him but would feel neglected around his friends. I felt like a spare part. I called a male friend for advice and he said go and talk to him. I said he is with his friend I am scared of the rejection.

He saw me on the phone and said I was cheating. I told him he could talk to the person or anyone else. I cried because of the way he held onto his position.

I did the Ho’oponopono prayer and saw that I no longer needed him to believe the truth. That I was begging for love, so as I said the prayer and could see that I do love him, I am sorry, I thanked him for allowing me to see that mutual love and reciprocity is not forced, and although I have not seen him, I have asked him to forgive me in the inner world.

I also asked me to forgive me for being so scared that no man would just love me. How I kept taking the neglect of myself, from myself.

I was able to face up to where I may betray myself and open to more self respect. So I now take it slower with people, giving us all more time and self respect to pursue the dreams that honour us. He taught me more self love and trusting self. I like my own art much more and my own talents.

Yes I love him, I thank him, I am sorry and please forgive me for my high horse. I do not know what it feels like. I am now doing brain balancing and spending more inward time loving up on my self. My dreams are more vividly full of shared love.

At the time of writing this I am asking myself to see myself as God sees me. Hence the brain balancing stuff. He got me to drag up and clear that old picture of me.

Reece, I love you,
Reece please forgive me,
Reece thank you,
Reece I am sorry.

He is my gift, to turn back to God and not force anyone to love me before I love me.

Thank you. I do love you for that and I can look at me in peace and want to be with me, honestly.

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False Accusation Turns to Peace Within

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Jan 18, 2013
Beautiful - how Ho'oponopono can change us!
by: Judith

Hi D.

It is truly beautiful how Ho'oponopono can change the way we feel about people and things, and the way we look at things and situations.

This is a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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