About Judith - Part II
From Teenager to Midlife

As already said in Part 1 - already as a little girl I knew about the power of wishing. From that random wishing I discovered the true power of the mind in my midlife. 

From wishing to positive thinking

Judith Lucid Mind Center

During the course of my life I learned about the power of positive thinking and how utterly important and influential our thoughts are.

I worked on comission most of my life. My performance was closely tied to my level of income.

To stay on top or reach the goals I had set for myself I needed to be motivated every day. And stay motivated during the working hours. This only works with structured positive thinking.

From random wishing I graduated to structured positive thinking to achieve the desired results. And I did. Eventually though, things and measurable results did not satisfy me anymore. I realized that my happiness somehow depended on things and events outside of me.

I felt unfulfilled - can you imagine - with 4 kids and all. Something was missing.

There was always a new spiritual book to read to offer momenatary relief - and then another. That always worked for a while. But a slight dissatisfacion would always remain, sometimes degenerate into outbursts of anger and depression.

There must be a different way

At one time in 2007 I screamed out (to God I guess): “Why is it that I always have to think positive and control the outcomes? Why do I feel down when everything around me seems to be and do ok? I do not want to have to control it anymore! There must be another way! There must be a way to discover happiness and joy without the constant mental effort of positive thinking.”

“There must be a way to achieve financial success without intrigues and elbowing. I have enough! You take over – I can no more!” I felt exhausted and cried heartily.

Nothing noteworthy happened after that - it was a random Sunday morning and I was doing the chores in the house while my two little ones where having a wild play or fighting or similar.

During the next few months I read some more books by:

The movie The Secret crossed my path at that time, confirming what I already knew: You attract what you believe. A friend's ineresting web page about the Law of Attraction will open in a new window when you click on it.

Forgiveness is the Key!

It dawned on me that I had great difficulty forgiving certain things and certain people.

I realized that I could carry around terrible resentment against certain characters. And exactly that resentment and unforgiving thoughts dragged me down. With great effort I pulled myself up - usually with the help of my husband, spiritual books, family and friends.

Don't misunderstand me. These downers of mine were not real depressions or really noticeable to outsiders. Maybe I would be rather short or easily angry. But nothing really big.

Today, I notice though that most people carry these negative feelings around with them. And they get the better of them at one time or another. These negative feelings are unforgiving thoughts, rejection, anger and deep seated fears - to name a few.

A Course in Miracles

At the end of 2008 the book and its philosophy A Course in Miracles came into my life and with it a complete overhaul of my beliefs. It turned my whole world and mind completely up side down. 

First I read the book The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard and then I was ready for the real thing – the fat blue book. When you click on the link you can read a few pages on Amazon.com.

A Course in Miracles, short ACIM, is the most powerful mind training course I have ever encountered. I have been practicing the course ever since. It does not look like I will stop anytime soon. Every day I learn - or better I unlearn - a little more on how to remove the obstacles to my happiness and peace.

A New Direction

Monroe Institute

Earlier in 2008 I had also discovered the books of Robert Monroe and learned about the amazing course offered at the Monroe Institute.

The Monroe Institute is dedicated to the exploration of human mind and consciousness. This was very much in line with my passion. Therefore I decided to participate in one of their residential programs to see if I could connect to my "Higher Self".

The result was extraordinary. That 6-day intensive residential course Gateway Voyage had a tremendous effect on me. After personally experiencing this most powerful tool called Hemi-Sync which Robert Monroe had developed, I knew I had to share this with others. 

Hemi-Sync Workshop

In 2010 I qualified as an official Outreach Facilitator for the Monroe Institute.

Now I am holding workshops using the Hemi-Sync technology to help others discover different aspects of their Self. Soon I became also an official Hemi-Sync distributor. See the Quicklinks to all Hemi-Sync CDs

I am here to be of service

Ultimately, each and every one of us needs to connect with their inner guidance and voice – or divine mind – what ever you want to call it.

We are in the midst of a wonderful creation. But, most of us have difficulties seeing the divine beauty around us. And only very few of us realize that they have this power within them.

It is like we cannot see the forest for all the trees. We are so busy with the details of our personal lives that we cannot see the bigger picture.

I hope you enjoy yourself and find something interesting here as I build this site slowly - but surely. 

Love to you,

Judith Lucid Mind

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