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The power of the mind is the key. To your dreams, to happiness, to a fulfilled life. What you desire, believe and think about during your everyday is what manifests in your life. 

This immense power within you, if properly trained and channeled, can make any of your dreams come true.

There are many different methods suitable for different people. There is no one size fits all. Training the mind is like training the body. Only the exercise you like doing and will do every day is the right one for you.

Pick from the most popular topics here: 

Or read on to get yourself inspired. You will find many different methods and articles on how to open up and train the mind. Try something for a while. 

When you are ready to try out the next one, return here and pick the next.

Conscious Awakening NEW!

To experience a Conscious Awakening is a decision or desire we all have expressed at one point or another in our lives. We want to become aware of our inner power and begin seeing the world in a different light or from a different angle. 

We call it many different names: spiritual awakening, illumination, becoming lucid, awakening to love, finding peace or simply Awakening, amongst many others. What ever the name, the experience is the same. Read on...

Next HEMI-SYNC Courses in Spain

The very next Hemi-Sync Courses organized by us are going to be held on the Canary Islands in spring 2015.  

There are some great discounts for the early birds.

Find the exact dates, descriptions, place and prices by clicking on Hemi-Sync Courses in English

Meditation Video 

Meditation For Anxiety

Watch this brand new video on meditation in nature, the best meditation for anxiety.

You will also find additional tips on what to do when anxiety starts creeping up.

Go out in nature, do some sports, attend a course or have a honest talk with a friend. Find out more...

Free On-Line Courses 

Free Online Courses at the Lucid Mind Center

This is the newest addition to the site:
Free Online Courses.

Every change in your life begins with changing your mind. For now we have prepared two practical mind training courses guiding you towards a more fulfilling life.

- Change Your Life in 7 Days 
- Get Rid of Anger, Hate & Resentment

Get Inspired With a Miraculous Story 

Morris Goodman - The Miracle Man applied the power of his mind to change his fate. Paralysed from a fatal plane crash, he could not talk, walk, breathe nor swallow.

Against all odds 8 months later he walked out of the hospital on his own two legs. Read on...

Learn How To Change Your Life 

Learn How To Change Your Life with this brand new seven day course which contains the six secrets to a fulfilling life. 

Lesson 1: It does not matter how many times you stumble and fall, it only matters how many times you stumble and get up. Start today...

Enhancing your brain

Learning to unleash the power of your mind can be approached from different angles. One obvious angle is the approach through the brain.

Brain wave entrainment improves the functions of your brain by speeding up the process of any method you choose for activating your power of the mind.  

It stimulates the brain waves and relaxes the body with binaural beats

Hemi Sycn

Hemi-Sync is the oldest and most experimented with sound technology, explored by Robert Monroe and his team. 

A powerful mix of guided meditation exercises, music and a special sound technology will help you retrain your subconscious power of the mind.

hemi sync download

Meditation Music Samples with Hemi SyncThis you can use as background music for any relaxation, meditation and mind training techniques.

Listen to a few minutes of each track and choose the music style you like 

Desiring or Needing a Change

How To Change My Life?

Any change in life begins with a thought. That thought may precede a major change or it may come right after an unexpected event in your life.

The first thought, even the first important step towards improvement is always: How to change my life to the better? Read on...

Systematic Mind Training

Systematic Mind Training is when the real change of mind happens and you discover your true potential of the mind.

But not everyone is ready for this, nor is there a one-size-fits-all technique. There are many possibilities, like positive thinking, meditation, mantras in foreign languages which are often used by Buddhists or affirmations in your own language. 

Many start with self hypnosis. You can read a simple guide on How to do Self Hypnosis here.

Mind training can come about by studying thought-provoking spiritual or philosophical material, by physical practice such as fasting, martial arts, dancing or meditation and also by creating art.  

You basically follow a certain thought system or physical practice for a while until you can accept the unacceptable and with that free yourself of mental burdens like hate, anger, unforgiving thoughts and similar.   

Each one of us is at a different stage and finds different things to be effective. Try and see what can help you to unleash your power of the mind: 

Deepak Chopra
Self-Inquiry in Meditation (3 minutes)

Repetitive affirmations
to learn forgiveness

ho oponopono

Course in Miracles
Mind training course to learn forgiveness

Imagination and Intent

Imagination and intent are two very important abilities you need to master before you can manifest anything. First you need to able to imagine what you want and then transform this imagination into a desire to experience or an intention.

Here is an exercise and a method for you to start playing around to learn these two important steps.  

The Power of Intent: Learn to use your imagination and the power of your intent. In this exercise you learn to create The Living Love Bottle with your imagination.

Then you use the power of your intent to influence gently certain outcomes in your immediate surroundings.

Once you have played around with this power of the mind and seen its effects, you will realize how powerful your mind, your intentions and finally how powerful you are yourself. 

Matrix Energetics

Richard Bartlett has combined the two attributes of the mind, imagination and intent, into one excellent and powerful technique called the Matrix Energetics Method. People learn how to activate their own power of the mind and heal themselves and others with the powers of intent and imagination.

With Matrix Energetics I learned to enter my heart space within an instant, and transfer that energy to others in the next. Read my impressions of the Matrix Energetics Seminar here.

If you do meditation, to enhance your experience you need to state your intent. I have found the Gateway Affirmation to be very powerful. 

The Power of the Mind

There is really only one power of the mind. But there are different entry points which can help you discover the true potential within you. 

The power of the mind is the driving force behind all doing and being, the very power behind life itself. It is the very fuel which makes your dreams come true.

power of the mind

We call it the power of the mind many different names:  

The subconscious mind
The law of attraction
The power of intent
The will power
The power of manifestation
Wishful thinking 
Physical power
The power of superstition
Positive thinking
The power of magic
Voodoo or black magic

And the most powerful of all:
The power of Love. 

And that is wonderful. Because each one of us has experienced some of these powers. And this is what we will build on to find your very personal entry point. Here are few articles which explain the correlation between mind, body and spirit. 

Mind Power

Mind, Body & Spirit

Understand how they are connected

Quotes & Poems

quotes & poems

The Power of the Super-Conscious Mind

Under this category fall all those amazing human experiences which are not easy to explain, yet which happen on a quite regular basis. They are revelations. The people who have had them, talk of meeting the divine power, unconditional love or their Higher or Holy Self. 

These revelations give them some deeper understanding, but they have great difficulties in making others understand what actually happened to them. 

These mystic encounters usually have a profound long lasting effect on the individual experiencing them. This results in a complete overhaul of their views and beliefs on the meaning of life and death.

Sadly, we cannot force a revelation nor the experiences which lead to them. We have to wait for them to happen to us.

But, what we can do is learn from the ones who have had them. So it is an important part in understanding the power of the mind. 

near death experiences
lucid dreaming techniques
Robert Monroe Out of Body

Happiness and Joy

true beauty

Being truly happy is not only possible but your natural birth right! Happiness is a State of Mind. True Happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances. Happiness is an inner state - an inner frame of mind.

The happy state is another access point to the power of the mind, a powerful pointer towards to the experience of true peace and joy. Once you have experienced this state just once, you long to be in it all the time.

When you know how to unleash this happiness within you and can return to this happy state when momentary gone off-track, you have become what I call a Lucid Mind. 

Think of the Lucid Mind Center as a playground for your curiosity, a Fitness Club for training your power of the mind or an activity center to activate your brain cells.

To explore the Lucid Mind Center you can also start at What's New or pick something from the headlines you find below. Let me know what you think - simply type away in the FB comments...

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Judith Schjorring

About Me

Hi and welcome. I'm Judith, the creator of this Web Site. 

My passion is the mind, to be exact, the happy, awake and joyful mind.

This Web Site is the result of my dream to work from home and be my own boss. Read on


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